Nestled peacefully at the foot of Himeji Castle,
A sightseeing spot that captures the mood of Japan

Karoyashikiato Park is the site of the former villa of Takasu Hayato, a chief retainer during the Sakai dynasty, when the Sakai Clan ruled Himeji (1749–1868).
The main north-south street of the Himeji jokamachi, or castle town, has been refurbished into a garden path. The site recalls a castle of the Edo period (1603–1868), complete with boundary markers for each building of the villa.
The buildings of Karoyashikiato Park consist of four houses or buildings: I-no-Yashiki, Ro-no-Yashiki, Ha-no-Yashiki and Ni-no-Yashiki, named for the first four characters in the kana syllabary. These buildings, in which souvenirs and other goods are sold, are used by numerous tourists.


On two days, November 11 and 12, the Park will host the 3rd annual Himeji Ninja Throwing Star Throwing Contest. The winners of first, second and third place will be awarded gold, silver and bronze throwing stars.

SHOPThe Karoyashiki Houses



Fried chicken Shu

We serve fresh Banshu chicken fried to perfection! Shu’s fried chicken served straight from the fryer is a must-try. The batter is salted with pure Japanese salt from the Genkai Sea. Our shakes, made with fruit delivered straight from the greengrocer, are popular as well.

TEL 080-9014-9354


Japanese restaurant Harimakko

Harimakko is staffed primarily by disabled people. The richly varied menu includes set meals of oden (varied items in a hot soy-sauce broth), conger eel on rice and much more. If you’re sightseeing in Himeji, be sure to drop in. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

TEL 079-283-7522


Pastries and local sakes of Himeji Himeji-no-Takaragura

Pastries of renown from nine shops in Himeji and local sakes from five sake breweries in the Harima region join leatherwork, soy sauces and dried noodles mainly from the Himeji/Harima region in this fascinating shop. Some 500 original souvenirs and traditional crafts line the shelves.

TEL 079-283-7237


Japanese-goods shop and café Soya

We sell Himeji Castle souvenirs, small items of Himeji leather and miscellaneous Japanese goods. The Himeji leather items include many carefully selected original products, so please drop in and take a look. Stop by the café for our famously delicious coffee and Japanese pastries!

TEL 079-288-4888

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Food and souvenirs Takadanobaba

Takadanobaba is Himeji’s largest tourist specialty store. Browse the extensive range of items in our souvenir section or enjoy a meal in a tatami room steeped in the mood of Himeji Castle. Feast on local specialty foods such as Himeji oden and conger eel on rice.

TEL 079-222-2505


Seafood specialties Nishihide

Nishihide has been in business in Himeji for half a century. Ikanago-kugini is a dish painstakingly prepared by slicing freshly caught Japanese sand lance (Pacific sandeel) and immersing it in natural seasonings such as sugar, soy sauce and mirin. Anago-kombumaki, a local favorite, is conger eel wrapped in kombu. We prepare this local specialty by hand, celebrating its connection with the history of Himeji.

TEL 079-284-0606


Japanese restaurant Senhime

Facing the entrance to Himeji Castle, Senhime welcomes you with a menu of Himeji specialties. Takeout and box lunches are also available. We accept reservations for small groups (up to 25 people; feel free to contact us about menu preferences). Try our famous offal udon with secret sauce.

TEL 079-280-2799




Egg and egg-rice specialty restaurant Banshu Himeji Honmachi Tamagoya

Enjoy exquisite egg-on-rice dishes prepared only with fresh eggs and rice direct from the restaurant’s own farm in the Yumesakicho district of Himeji.
Additional helpings of rice and eggs are free!
Our famous grilled conger eel, made with wild conger eel from the Seto Inland Sea, conjure the delicious flavors of Harima.

TEL 079-289-0058


Souvenir store Share Act. En

Share Act. En is a new kind of store where tourism meets art meets social services. Our store sells pastries, knick-knacks and other souvenirs made at social-service facilities. On the second floor, which features view of Himeji Castle, we’ve opened an art gallery, which displays artworks created by workers at the social-service facilities.

TEL 080-8130-5159

Share Act. En

Tea and snacks Milano

Welcome! Come in and relax with a cup of our delicious coffee. At lunchtime you can enjoy our highly recommended conger-eel-on-rice set and other tempting menu items. We also serve a selection of beverages, desserts and parfaits.

TEL 079-288-8020




Sea of Harima fish tapas bar serving local sake Harikai

Local fish, local sake and gracious service. We opened Harikai to make the most of the great taste of fish caught in the Sea of Harima, in a place where guests could bring their children and other family members with peace of mind. We look forward to serving you!

TEL 079-280-5032

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Grilled Kobe beef skewers Kushiyaki Kobegyu

We keep our prices down so as many people as possible can sample the delicious flavor of carefully selected Kobe beef. Our specially created sauces bring out the flavor of Kobe beef like nothing else, so come and enjoy our skewers, beef on rice and beef burgers!

TEL 079-244-9497

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Kushiyaki Kobegyu

Souvenirs, tea and sweets Bonbori

We sell an eye-catching lineup of Himeji Castle souvenirs, including handkerchiefs, kokeshi dolls and konpeito sugar candies. There’s even a café space. Drop in and see us! Takeout is also available. Bonbori is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM.

TEL 079-283-6555

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Takoyaki Shirasagi

No visit to Himeji is complete without a visit to Shirasagi!
Enjoy a dish of eight generous octopus balls in fluffy, creamy batter for just ¥350! You might just order a second plate. We also offer powdered grilled squid, a dish found only in the Kansai region, as well as over 10 flavors of soft ice cream.

TEL 079-283-1000


68-100 Honmachi, Himeji-shi,
Hyogo 670-0012 JAPAN

15 min. by foot from
JR Himeji Station


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Karoyashikiato Park Public Facility Users’ Association
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  • 姫路市
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