Nestled peacefully at the foot of Himeji Castle,
A sightseeing spot that captures the mood of Japan

Karoyashikiato Park is the site of the former villa of Takasu Hayato, a chief retainer during the Sakai dynasty, when the Sakai Clan ruled Himeji (1749–1868).
The main north-south street of the Himeji jokamachi, or castle town, has been refurbished into a garden path. The site recalls a castle of the Edo period (1603–1868), complete with boundary markers for each building of the villa.
The buildings of Karoyashikiato Park consist of four houses or buildings: I-no-Yashiki, Ro-no-Yashiki, Ha-no-Yashiki and Ni-no-Yashiki, named for the first four characters in the kana syllabary. These buildings, in which souvenirs and other goods are sold, are used by numerous tourists.


On two days, November 11 and 12, the Park will host the 3rd annual Himeji Ninja Throwing Star Throwing Contest. The winners of first, second and third place will be awarded gold, silver and bronze throwing stars.